30 June 2020

Venezia IV

25 June 2020

Calle Venier

Ramo del Tiziano

Campiello dei Felzi

Calle de l'Acquavita

Venezia III

24 June 2020

1690 Campiello Fondamenta S. Sebastiano

Ponte Storto

Campo drio il Cimitero

Calle de la Madalena

Too hot today to do any sustained drawing, so I just did some very quick, five minute sketches of Venice, thanks to Google StreetView.

Venezia II

23 June 2020

Corte Contarini del Bovolo

Venezia I

22 June 2020

4800 Campo S. Salvador

Into the light IX


14 June 2020

Into the light VIII

13 June 2020

Virtual sketching: Paris III

Rue des cinq Diamants

Two paths

11 June 2020


10 June 2020


9 June 2020

Virtual sketching: Paris II

8 June 2020

Place Jean Jacques Rousseau
Asnières-sur-Seine, Île-de-France


5 June 2020

One painting

4 June 2020

So on the last day of the course, all those drawings are resolved into one painting: ignoring the original objects, and working only from the composition drawing of yesterday.

"Notes on a still life"
Acrylic on paper, approx A1.

Four small drawings and a big one

3 June 2020

Second day of the Dynamic Still Life course. Started early with a few more charcoal and pastel drawings.


Then we tore, cut, and collaged the drawings into a composition.

Twenty-nine drawings

2 June 2020

Attending a "Dynamic Still Life" online course with Simon Carter, arranged by Emily Ball. Started with charcoal drawings of everyday objects.

Then worked over drawings, erasing and redrawing in response to re-looking at the subject.

Finally, added some snippets of local colour in pastel, as the first stage in moving towards painting.