Gardener's debris

At the edge of the park, there's a dump of palettes and bags and sawn-off branches and broken tools.

Urban sketching: London Bridge and the City

London Bridge station and Tooley Street

LonDONER Kebabs

King William Street, from the north end of London Bridge

Laurence Pountney Hill

Queen Victoria Street

North, south, east and west

Stand in one place, and then draw whatever is north, south, east and west. Four small, quick sketches.

Two paths and a fence

Overheard in the park:

Daddy what's that?
It's a squirrel.
What's he doing?
Climbing up that tree.
But how does he get down again?

Urban sketching: London

The City from Southwark

Borough Market

Stoney Street

Ludgate from the steps of St Paul's Cathedral

New English Art Club 2019

Delighted that "September, East Malling" has been accepted for the New English Art Club Open exhibition. The exhibition runs from 14 to 22 June at the Mall Galleries, London.

Urban sketching: Trafalgar Square

South end of Admiralty Arch

North end of Whitehall

The National Gallery

Urban sketching in London. Click images to enlarge.