And back to Winter

Today's venue was dictated by the cold rain: Worth Park has some big trees to shelter under. Even so, you can see some marks made by raindrops.

It's three years since I was here last. One day, I'll come here in sunshine...

Still winter in the forest

Ashdown Forest is higher ground, and the fog always gathers round there at this time of year. No wind to clear it away. Watercolours took ages to dry.

These are in the northern part of the forest, near "Piglet's Car Park". The memorial to A A Milne and E H Shepard is in the trees at the top of the hill.

Finished off with a pencil sketch and some abstractions.

Flowers for Friday

Spring here...?

Sunshine with warmth. And shadows, real shadows with depth and colour and hard edges. Intentional shadows, not just darker bits because the sun wasn't strong enough to get round there; shadows with a purpose.

Peter, Paul and Eric

Heavy rain and strong winds. Taking refuge in the church. No lights, can hardly see. Drawing and painting more with optimism than anything else.

Trees go to Northern Ireland

A little warmer today. Well, less cold. But very damp. Managed a couple of quick sketches before the rain started.

Back at the allotments

Back at the allotments. Temperatures around freezing. Plenty of snow and ice still on the ground. Too cold to stay out for long.