End of the drive

Years ago, a long drive lined by trees linked Crabbet Park House with Worth. In the 1970s, the M23 motorway cut through it, and a housing estate was built around it, but the drive and its trees still remain for most of the way. It's popular with dogwalkers, and surprisingly peaceful, even though the traffic is just on the other side of that fence.

Summer in February

Just last week, I said that it would be nice to visit Worth Park in the sunshine. Here we are, eight days later, on the hottest winter day ever. There have been signs of early spring, with daffodils in flower already, but now we've gone straight on to summer. It seemed appropriate to draw the sundial.

Corner of the field

Spring morning. Where the park adjoins the fields around. The hedge goes north, and a footpath leads west. There is one daffodil in flower. A woman with a grey Weimaraner says, "Aren't we lucky?"

Down by the river

Warmest day of the year so far, but it shouldn't be like this in February, should it?

Two paths up

From the bridge under the motorway, you can turn either left, up the hill, or right, up the hill.

And back to Winter

Today's venue was dictated by the cold rain: Worth Park has some big trees to shelter under. Even so, you can see some marks made by raindrops.

It's three years since I was here last. One day, I'll come here in sunshine...

Still winter in the forest

Ashdown Forest is higher ground, and the fog always gathers round there at this time of year. No wind to clear it away. Watercolours took ages to dry.

These are in the northern part of the forest, near "Piglet's Car Park". The memorial to A A Milne and E H Shepard is in the trees at the top of the hill.

Finished off with a pencil sketch and some abstractions.

Flowers for Friday

Spring here...?

Sunshine with warmth. And shadows, real shadows with depth and colour and hard edges. Intentional shadows, not just darker bits because the sun wasn't strong enough to get round there; shadows with a purpose.

Spring near

Birds singing. Squirrels running. Shoots rising. Spring almost, almost here.

Small signs of Spring

In a strong wind, the tailend of the storm. Daffodil buds and catkins. A woman in a purple coat races her dog around the park before the rain starts again.


Peter, Paul and Eric

Heavy rain and strong winds. Taking refuge in the church. No lights, can hardly see. Drawing and painting more with optimism than anything else.