Drawing trees: 126

19 December 2016

Mist in the trees.

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Ashdown Forest: Undecember

14 December 2016

Blue skies and sunshine: un-December.

Sketching quickly... watercolour, pencil, ink... five minutes drawing, painting, making marks... fifteen minutes watching paint dry...

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Drawing trees: 125

13 December 2016

Grey pens for a grey day. 21 x 13cm.

Car park

12 December 2016

Car in the car park.

Marker pens, 21 x 13cm

Drawing trees 124

10 December 2016

The big Christmas tree in Covent Garden, from the courtyard of St Paul's. Ink, 21 x 13cm.

Drawing trees: 123

8 December 2016

Ink and marker pens.

Drawing trees: 122

7 December 2016

Only lines.

A landscape

1 December 2016