St James's Park

Four quick sketches -- each under ten minutes -- in St James's Park.

Dying grass and thistles by the edge of the lake.

Breeze over the water.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office buildings behind the trees.

The London Eye from St James's Park.

Each: Ink and watercolour, 23 x 13cm.

Summer in Greenwich

Urban Sketchers in Greenwich: Torrential rain, hot sunshine, and fierce winds.

A carousel (Famous Carousel The Pride of London), and vintage snack van, in front of the Cutty Sark.

Sheltering on the balcony of one of Wren's buildings.

Each: Ink and watercolour, 43 x 13cm. Click to enlarge.

Drawing trees: 89

Ink, 23 x 13cm.

From an almost continuous line of scribble, trees emerge.

Drawing trees: 88

Ink, 21 x 13cm.

Still working just in ink. How to capture the pools of sunlight breaking through gaps in the heavily-leaved trees?

Variable edition

Linocut: three small (9cm square) blocks, first block (background) monoprinted, then second and third blocks printed on top. Variable inking; variation in print quality semi-intended: caused by hand pressure (instead of using the press).lc-abs-02 lc-abs-01 lc-abs-04 lc-abs-03

Drawing trees: 87

Ink and watercolour, 21 x 13cm.

Linework in ink, then adding tone in black watercolour. It was meant to be one consistent tone, but that's not as easy as I thought.

Drawing trees: 86

Ink and watercolour, 21 x 13cm.

Cold today under the trees. The paint was slow to dry; you can see on the left where some of the colours ran into each other, but maybe that's a good thing.

Practising trees: 85

Ink, 43 x 13cm. Click to enlarge.

Panorama: There's always something else interesting to draw just beyond the edge of the paper, so keep going.

Drawing trees: 84

Ink and watercolour, 21 x 13cm.

On Lingfield Common. Trees now dense with foliage. Hot sun; cool dark shade.

Drawing trees: 81

Ink, 13 x 9cm.

Raining. All I could see from the car window was this tree top.