Under the motorway: February.

The biggest change this month is that the sun has returned. It's high enough in the sky so that I'm not shivering today. And there's the first bit of new greenery shooting from the carpet of dead leaves.

Ink and watercolour, 31 x 23cm. Click to enlarge.

(Ninth in a series: Click here to see the rest.)

Practising trees: 10

Ink and watercolour, 13 x 9cm.

Wallace Collection

In London again, with the Urban Sketchers.

AM: Outside the Wallace Collection: Drawing the portico, and dashing under it when rain started. Spot the other sketchers!

Ink and watercolour, 43 x 13cm. Click to enlarge.

PM: Inside the Wallace, drawing the paintings in the Great Gallery. Can you see the other sketchers here as well?

No messy media allowed in the gallery, so just: Ink, 43 x 13cm. Click to enlarge.

Practising trees: 6

Ink and watercolour, 13 x 9 cm.

Practising trees: 5

Another quick sketch of a tree in the park. I vaguely remember this tree catching fire, years ago. It’s still standing, but has lost all the outer bark, exposing the reddish inner trunk.

Ink and watercolour, 13 x 9 cm.

Winter allotments

quiet in the park 
the allotments hibernate
a good place to paint

Ink and watercolour 31 x 23cm

Practising trees: 1

Trying to paint smaller and faster, as it's still too cold outside to hang around for long.

Ink and watercolour, 13 x 9cm. Click to enlarge.

First signs of Spring?

Sun shining through the trees in the edgelands between the motorway and the housing estate. Can't remember how to paint shadows, it's been so long.

Banana tree

Sometimes, what attracts you to a scene initially turns out not to be the most interesting thing. Here, it was the volcano-like tree trunk that I saw first, but as I drew the scene, what turned out to be more exciting was the banana hanging from one of the branches. We don't get a lot of banana trees growing in this part of Sussex.

Chasing trains

The 14.53 from London Victoria crossing the bridge over the River Eden just north of Lingfield Park. Only four trains an hour on this line, and you have to capture the shape and colour in the five seconds that they take to pass.

Ink and watercolour, 31 x 24 cm.

Stationmaster's House, Rowfant

The railway line once ran through here: from the road in the front, to the left of the stationmaster's house. Rowfant station was built to serve just two houses in the area; it closed in 1967 (along with thousands of other small railway stations). The route is now a public footpath, from Three Bridges to East Grinstead.

Ink and watercolour 42 x 13cm.