A thin line between light and dark: Sight size 2

Here's the result of the sight-size drawing after twelve hours:

This week, we looked for the line that separates the light (which in this case was falling from the left) from the dark, and as before, draw the broad line before refining it.

Get fit and draw: Sight size 1

Off to the London Atelier of Representational Art to learn "sight size drawing". One day a week for six weeks. Six hours a day. That'll be thirty six hours working on one drawing.

Here's the result after six hours on the first day.

Pencil on paper, A2.

What we did this week: Draw the envelope, a polygon of about six sides that encompasses the entire shape. Then refine each six, moving slowly towards a more accurate outline. The idea being that you get each stage right, before moving on the next.

There was lots of standing well back from the easel, at the point where the model and the image appear the same size. Then measure model against drawing. Walk up to the easel; make one mark; walk back to the starting point; check the mark against the model. They say you walk about five miles in a day doing this.

Oil sketch: The Commune

We found a tumbledown farmhouse in the hills above Petrignano. We're going to turn it into a artists' retreat.

(If only...!)


Oil on board, 7 x 5