Family pawtrait

Mr and Mrs Cat proudly show off their new kitten.

To be sold in support of the Willow Foundation (Stars on Canvas auction, starting 25 November 2010).

Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20cm.

Cuckmere Valley, stage 5

Stage 5, stage 4, stage 6? This print has been dragging on so long, I think I've lost count. However, the latest darker layer has been a big jump forward: the details appear, and at last, the end is in sight.

One more stage to go.

Or maybe two.

Cuckmere Valley, stage 4

Another, darker, green layer. Some of the fields appear.

The tones in the earlier layers look more "correct" now that this mid-toned layer is in place.

I thought that the print would need only two more layers, and that this would be the penultimate one, but now it looks as if there will still be two more after this one.

Cuckmere Valley, stage 3

Third stage: A blue-green to yellow-green blend over the previous layers. The trees on the distant hills appear.

This stage looks too dark. Or are the previous stages too light?

I'm hoping there will be only another two layers to complete this print.

Cuckmere Valley, stage 2

A slightly darker version of the blend that was on the first stage, but still trying to keep the tones light.

The clouds and the river appear. That's the sky finished, at least.

Chrysanthemums, probably

Two hours to draw three-and-a-half chrysanthemums? Where does the time go?

Actually, some of it was spent deciding whether these were chrysanthemums. Or dahlias. Or Michaelmas daisies.

Ink on watercolour paper, 20 x 20 cm approx.

Cuckmere Valley: Stage 1

First stage of a new linocut. I've cut away a few marks that I want to stay white, and then printed a blended layer from ultramarine blue to yellow ochre to a blue-grey mix.

Not much to see yet. Forcing myself to keep the early stages as light as possible to create more contrast with the darker, later stages.

Life drawing: Guy

Today at the life drawing group, everyone produced some inspired work with our new model.

Here are my three warmup drawings, and a longer pose.

Each: pencil on paper, A4 or A3.

SGFA Private View

Last night, we went to the Private View of the Society of Graphic Fine Art's 89th annual exhibition. It was at the Menier Gallery in London.

As we reached the gallery, I saw something in the window that I recognised.

Remember that?

The exhibition was opened by Victor Ambrus, the illustrator whom you might have seen on Channel 4's Time Team.