Life drawing

22 March 2009

Life drawings

21 March 2009

Painting the bedroom

Clarissa has decided that we should repaint the bedroom.

"I like it as it is," I said, looking round at the familiar brown walls.

"No, you lazy Bob Tail Rabbit," she said. "It's the first day of Spring: it's a new season, and we need a new look."

"What new look?"

"Oh, you decide," she said. "You're the artistic one."

I thought for a moment. "I like earth tones."

"It's earth tones already!" said Clarissa. "In fact, it's just earth. A nice fresh coat of emulsion would transform this place."

I gave up. "What colour would I like then?"

"I think cornflower blue — like my eyes."

Just then, my friend Nigel Floppyears came by. "White's good," he said. "Reflects the light."

Well, we couldn't decide, and when Naughty Kitten popped round, we asked him. "I think it should be auburn... to match me."

Clarissa laughed, "Oh no, I don't think orange would suit the room."

"I'm not orange," Naughty Kitten glared at her. "I'm golden."

Then we asked the Three Bears what they thought. "Sky," said Daddy Bear. "Blue," said Mummy Bear. ("Told you," muttered Clarissa.) "Pink," said Baby Bear.

"You mean: Sky Blue Pink?" I said.

"That's it!" they said, and danced off across the fields.

So, we still don't have a decision. Any ideas?

Life drawings

15 March 2009

Kia, sitting

14 March 2009


Bath night for Naughty Kitten

9 March 2009

It's bath night for Naughty Kitten!

He's been playing outside in the garden: there's mud on his paws, and mud on his whiskers, and I think that there's even mud in his ears. So they've told him, "It's off to the bathtub for Naughty Kitten". And here he is, ready with his soap and brush. It's so rare that Naughty Kitten does what he's told, that I've drawn this picture of him in his bathcap and towel.

Here come the Three Bears

6 March 2009

The Three Bears have a cottage at the end of the field where I live. Someone told me that they used to be famous, but I don't think I've heard of them before; have you? I think they used to be on the stage, because sometimes we see them dancing in their garden. Here's a picture that I drew of them when they were high-kickin' round the lawn.